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Introducing a Legend in the personal growth and coaching industry, SBM’s CEO, Mr. Jay Noland. He began his career in business in 1995. He’s built multiple massive sales organizations and business infrastructures that span in over 50 different countries. Jay Noland is known throughout the personal growth and coaching industry as a Master Trainer. He has helped thousands of people reach their highest heights in personal development.

He is also known across the globe for his gift in motivational speaking. Jay Noland has spoken at major events in front of people from all walks of life. He has impacted the masses in such a highly positive manner. Some call him the “millionaire maker.” Personal Growth Training is a great passion of Jay Noland and he considers it’s an honor and a privilege.

Jay Noland spent several years in the Mortgage Banking and Brokerage arena as well, managing and developing a multi-million dollar business. Our CEO and Founder is well versed in the world of business as he has developed several multi-million dollar businesses in multiple industries.

His Leadership skills have been proven time and time again in many successful companies that he has been a part of. Jay Noland understands and embraces the concept of what a true leader is. He has illustrated his ability to get in the trenches with the people, producing results at times that reach further than most ever dreamed.

Jay Noland has taken a strong position in life by standing for truth and integrity without wavering. His passion is in the relationships he builds with people. Once you get an opportunity to spend personal time with our CEO, you will be impacted in a positive way.


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“Every amount of energy and effort you spend to encourage yourself is a wise investment”

Jay Noland