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“Life is about decisions. You can´t get good results making bad decisions. Consistently make better decisions, and you´ll consistently get better results. It´s that simple”

Jay Noland

Million Dollar Energy is so critical to personal growth, because it can produce million dollar results in every area of life…

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7 Deadly Sins

Success has one enemy- your belief system. If you study successful people you’ll notice they share a specific set of beliefs. These are the seven deadly sins that alone or together, will destroy the mindset necessary to accomplish and achieve any desired result.

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It’s time to think about Yourself

We’re taught that there is virtue in selfLESSness. I’m going to go against the grain a little bit here and say, I really don’t like the word ‘selfless’. I don’t like a word that  broken into two parts, means LESS of self, or even without SELF. If I’m not living my life for myself, am I really living at all?

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What’s your Top 10?

Focus and Fundamentals; 10 traits to acquire that will not only make you happier, they will make you indestructible (oh, and rich).

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